First heartbreak and lessons

My answer here sums all the lessons I had learned after such heartbreak. This question was answered with seriousness and honesty.

Q: What are your realizations after your first heartbreak? How did these realizations make you a better individual?

A: Wow, this question is a difficult one.

The first thing I had come to realize was how I redefined love. For once, I believed that love conquers all. But I myself proved that my belief towards love was not true at all times. Love in fact does not and will never conquer all, and sometimes, love desires for two different souls to conquer everything in its behalf. I said this primarily because I wasn’t able to do what love first gave as a condition, that two individuals must meet halfway and have a sort of mutual feelings and understanding. At the beginning, I thought that the feeling was mutual, but then it was all my assumption. Yes, I indeed had a hard time to convince myself with the reality I had seen and yet, it remained as that.

Love, since it is an abstract idea, has gone through many complexities, thus making my perception of love deeper and clearer. I finally understood that I was there, loving unrequitedly, waiting for at least a miracle to happen. Finally, I grasped the truth that the love, that had spread through the corners of my heart, cannot surmount the trials given by the agents of time, people, environment, and even by love itself, because I was the only soul who loved and sought for the reciprocation of the other.

Just like in the relationship of a lump of soil and a tree, both of these things must be compatible with each other, and if not, they cannot survive even a single storm. The idea of asking someone to love us back is not as easy as frying an egg, but if we succeed, there will always be an assurance that the foundation that the love of two different individuals has built will be concrete rather than abstract. Honestly, I didn’t give up until such time I accepted my defeat. But when he started liking someone, I said to myself, “Ah, he maybe deserves someone better. Maybe I wasn’t good enough.” But I realized that I don’t have to blame myself each and every day for not becoming good enough and that people loved me even if I can’t prove anything.

I realized that we cannot be with each other, just as he said long before.

And I realized that even though I kept on fighting, I was like striking the wind; my efforts were indeed useless. The second condition of love, which is “to make two different souls conquer everything,” was never met.

Well, I guess I became better since I already knew the knowledge of how fool I am when I fall in love … and yeah at least the pain it had brought me made me stronger and wiser than who I am before.



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