A Lecturer’s Joy

The photo contains their messages to me which I had selected (because they made me smile tonight) and cropped and fitted into a single photo.

This week, I’ve conducted my review lecture series for college admission exams despite the exhaustion that the enrollment in UP has given me and the fact that it requires staying late at night for reviewing. I went from one institution to another, which includes my high school alma mater. From the very beginning, I had already accepted the idea that review lectures are mostly boring and that they only cause brain hemorrhage among students, which of course may be rooted from their hatred towards mathematics or towards their maths teacher, or simply, from my ineffectivity as a lecturer.

But today ― and unfortunately the last ― was entirely different from the previous ones.
When I entered the venue, I was welcomed with an awkward atmosphere. I didn’t personally know any of the organizers or the mixture of students from different schools, and the latter were typically afraid or shy of someone standing in front of them. But there was an abrupt change in the mood, as if Harry Potter entered the room and had cast a powerful spell to change a torture chamber into a fun-filled classroom.

For a quarter of an hour after my ‘red carpet’ entrance, together in that congested room, we began laughing as we shared maths jokes. I saw their eyes twinkling in amazement as we answered tricky and difficult problems; some had even challenged me to answer questions which at first they didn’t have a pinch of idea on how to solve them, and I stood there, wielding a whiteboard marker and mustered courage, and shared the solutions to others. They raised their hands and called for my attention whenever they were not able to understand a thing and if possible, I did it slowly or step by step, not minding the time we had to consume, the time which they should had been used for going out with friends and families, school activities and other more important things.

When I was about to about to dismiss the class, I felt forlorn and wished that I could extend for one more hour. The reality I had to face was that we had to wave each other’s goodbyes (and what’s more depressing was I remembered only few names). I didn’t tell them a single tip, except for that before they take an entrance exam, they must first pray to God and never give up after experiencing failures.

Yes, this is the reason why I consider my day greatly accomplished. This is one of a lecturer’s joys ― a moment that I will surely cherish forever. Once again, thank you guys!



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