Who Accompanies Love

Photo from londonoa.com

Photo from londonoa.com

This morning I thought of Mr. Alvin Ibalio, my former high school physics teacher — the coolest male teacher I ever had. He taught us optics and a only a bit of mechanics, and then left after our first periodical exam for that academic year after he had applied and been approved for a study leave.

While he was teaching us the concept of light, he told us the story of love and madness. At the end of the long narrative, he said: “[Therefore,] Love is blind accompanied by madness.” I proved this statement to be true because when I first fell in love, I disregarded the facial features of that someone whom I’m in love with, even his bad attitude. Since love is always associated with madness, one gets furious if he or she sees his beloved flirting or entertaining someone else, thus, I got mad and we fought almost everyday just because of that.

What do you think is the basis of his quote and story? Have you found this true in your case?


15 thoughts on “Who Accompanies Love

  1. You lose track of right and wrong defined by societies and religions.Clear thinling:nada.There is no right in right and no wrong in wrong anymore.So I guess it is madness and by the time you realise what we was important has been breached by you and people reward you by throwing you in obl
    ivion,a bottomless pit.Therefore,it is madness.And I believe in a being a lone traveller in life instead of this madness.Seen enough madness around me!😷


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