To Humans

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We oftentimes forget how beautiful it is to live in a world where we dwell as humans who can experience love as the end of itself, sacrifice for the sake of loving, joy after depressing scenarios, mustered strength and courage amidst growth of inner despair, and most of all, how fortunate we are for having a chance to live. Maybe one day your feet are still firmly standing on the ground but perhaps tomorrow your feet will be placed straightly on a big coffin or be burned in a crematorium. Even if you can say that you are physically strong today, probably tomorrow or the day after you might meet an accident down the road. Perhaps, the medical doctor who gave you piece of news that you only have a few months to live will be the one to die first before you. It is because the culprit we also know as Death and Hades will never give a single notice if he will knock through the doors and, God has the sole right of letting us live or not.

This is only non-stop, tireless reminder. However, I wish that someday I could witness that all humans will love each other, because love is the main reason of our prevalent existence. If you love someone, tell him your true feelings. To your beloved, let them know that you love them and that they are your loved ones. If a friend rings your house’s doorbell and asks for your help or advice, open your house for him even though you have tons of things to do on that night. Stop working on academics for a while, and learn with the lives of the poor and the marginalized. Strive and dream big, and in case you die unexpectedly, who knows, someone out there is willing to continue your unfinished goals and dreams. Never waste your time in searching for the right answers to the questions that baffle you, because in our lives, in reality, there is no right or wrong answers; only the process of turning wrong answers into right, proper solutions exists.

Hear the music of the simultaneous rainfalls, of the chirping of birds every morning, of the silent gale of the wind. Stop for a while to receive the glorious heat of the sun. And maybe one day, we won’t anymore circulate to the words “I still want to live,” instead, it is sweeter to our ears to hear “I may now die peacefully, for I know I had a life well-spent.”

Am I afraid of death? No, but I am afraid of uncertainty that it may bring. But if one day he knocks to my door and lends me his hand, let me leave. I don’t want to keep my friend waiting.


Sueju Takeshi 武


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