True Friendship

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Months ago, I began writing one of my unfinished novels, entitled The Butterfly of Winter Plains. I published ten chapters on Wattpad, but  due to subsequent interruptions in my schedule, I decided to unpublish it while having 1000 total number of views.
The story centers to Thaddeus, a foster father of a child, Chen, who soon acquires a rare congenital disease. In Chapter Eight, when Thaddeus encounters his long lost friend, he quotes this:

“There are only two kinds of friends who apparently entered my life:
1. A friend who only knows and understands my sufferings;
2. A friend who sometimes does not understand my pain but still chooses to suffer with me.

“And I won’t mind keeping in my heart those who belong in the second kind.”

Thaddeus’s view of true friendship reflects mine. How about you? For you, what distinguishes a “friendship only” from a true one?


Sueju Takeshi 武

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