Trust Me

Locked and Sealed
Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

One day, when I and my friend were walking down a lengthy pavement leading to their house, we talked about several stuff, which include romantic relationships. A question and an answer led from one thing to another, until he accidentally said that he loves someone.
“Who is she?” I said.
“None of your business.” He replied.
“Oh, come on dude. Trust me.” I ended.
Trust me. The imperative was probably convincing enough for him to open up about his “someone’s” name.
“But don’t tell her that there’s an “us” between me and her or that we have a relationship. This is a top secret bro. Or else, if she knows about this soon, we will break up.”
I laughed terribly. But due to his mischief and threats, I swore not to reveal his secret anytime soon. “All right. I promise.”
Two weeks later from his awesome, breath-taking revelation, I met that “someone” who makes his heart flutter. It was lunch time, and I sat beside her, not planning to reveal his secret.
Let’s name the girl as Anna. She is not your typical beautiful campus crush, but she is somehow cute. But at least I am (and was) cuter than her.
Anna and I were close friends too. We had a conversation about my first love and my academic standing, my current write-ups and other sorts of things I did the day before.
Unfortunately and annoyingly, my tongue slipped, and said that my friend (the guy) was in love with her and that they were “in a relationship.”
At first, Anna thought that I was just kidding. I said that no, I am not. Finally, she was convinced.
She stared at me in my eyes and sipped from her orange juice. “Well, I like him too. If he’s willing to work it out, we’ll make it happen.”
And when she said that, I felt somehow a sense of redemption.
Three months after, my friend courted Anna. They officially, at last, became in a relationship.
They broke up during their first anniversary. Yeah, that’s sad.
But it’s funny to remember how awkward it was to feel the anxiety resulted from accidentally spilling the beans. Yet, after that big revelation, I never told anybody about someone’s secrets again, making the phrase Trust Me as a central imperative principle in my life. And to whoever who gets to read this, you can always trust me. Your secrets will be safe in my cabin.

Sueju Takeshi 武


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