My Writing Process (Broken Down Into 7 Steps)


I have been a frustrated novelist for years, and this is the type of process I had been doing for a specific time frame. I can say that this is quite effective … of course, I only finish writing half of the manuscript of the novel I am writing.

Valerie Thomas, Author

Let me start off by mentioning that writing processes are highly personal, and so mine is likely different from that of other authors. I tend to be less of a planner, which means the steps I take are focused more around creating interesting situations that will move the plot forward than on progressing toward a set goal. With that in mind, here are the steps I take when writing a novel:

  1. Start with an idea. The initial kernel that gets me in front of the computer. This could be an entire plot, a dynamic character, or sometimes all I have is a mental picture. It really doesn’t matter; what matters is that I start writing, and grow the novel from this first seed.
  2. Determine setting and story. The majority of my experiences with writer’s block have stemmed from neglecting to define a story before starting. This isn’t a plot—I usually…

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