Do you have a Life Goal?


“If you have a goal / dream, don’t set it aside and wait for things to happen. Do something about it now.”

I find this author’s quote true. That’s the reason behind my realization of my parents’ urge for me to be independent at a very young age. They want me to decide things by myself, and when I fail, I won’t have lasting regrets. I’ve been doing a lot about my dream to be a writer, that’s why I had started setting up my blog, Takeshi’s Flight.

Double Your Presence (Ver 1.6)

Do you sometimes feel lost with going through the same routine and motion everyday in life?

We all seem to be waiting for things to happen to us before we finally decide to do something about anything:

“I will never be truly happy  until I find myself the perfect partner”

Sure, you know you will never be truly happy till you find THE ONE, but are you doing anything about it?

When I was in my teens, I would sometimes fantasize about finding the girl of my dreams. How I would do something so charming and oh-so-romantic in our first meeting that it would make her fall for me hard. We will be foolishly in love from then on, get married when we both go into adulthood and have our happily ever after.

Cute fantasy don’t you think? Okay, I admit, it is sprinkled with quite a lot of Disney…

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