How to Become a More Confident Writing Student


A very helpful article about writing. I didn’t love academic writing as much as I do to creative writing. When I took my Communication Skills 2 in English (Writing Class) course, I learned to appreciate academic writing. Of course, I made tons of mistakes, but my professor was out there to revise our articles and look after our errors and finding a way not to commit the same mistakes again.

Passing Notes

I know I haven’t always been great in English and now since I’m in college, it makes me even more worried. Whenever I’m doing an assignment for English I always second guess myself. I just get so nervous in class and about the subject in general. Now I had a narrative rough draft essay due and I keep erasing whatever I write because I don’t feel like it “sounds right.” Or that it “is right.” I’m just feeling very unconfident in this course and I don’t know what to do.

I’m sorry you’re lacking confidence with this writing class, but sometimes feeling uncomfortable can lead to growth. It forces you to work harder, recognize what you need to improve, and take it one assignment at a time.

College classes are supposed to be harder and sometimes it’s nerve wracking and a little scary at times. But know you’re not the only one feeling…

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