Why Asians Like To Queue


Why we prefer queuing in the Philippines:
1. We choose to ride the train (MRT, LRT, & PNR) rather than riding a bus. Traveling with trains, though the stations are fully congested and the trains face technical problems everytime, takes 45% lesser travel time than traveling with a bus or jeepneys.
2. Take this: Slow government service. Government employees tend to work slowly because of very low income and rare insurance promises.

Both of these test even the last strings of our patience. My article “At a snail’s pace” is related to this post.

Mabel Kwong

Queuing up. Lining up. Standing in line for something free, something new or something on discount. Most of the time we’ll see quite a few Asian faces in these lines. If not a few, then a lot.

I’ve been guilty of queuing on a few occasions. At one point while living in Singapore, I joined humongous Singaporean queues at McDonalds to collect all eight stuffed monkeys that came with McValue Meals during the Chinese New Year month. I did it, sometimes waiting half an hour to buy a meal. A few weeks ago, I saw a short queue in the Emporium shopping mall in the city. I joined it and after a five minute wait, got to the front and received a free macaron. I did notice there were some elderly Asian ladies in front of me, haggling at the top of their lungs for more than one sweet treat.

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3 thoughts on “Why Asians Like To Queue

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Takeshi. Queuing for public transport. I remember doing that a lot in Singapore and Malaysia, and today in Melbourne too. I suppose it’s very rushed queuing up in the Philippines…sometimes people will do anything to get in front.

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      • Oh yes, I remember those rush-for-sale-items scenes during the festive seasons in Malaysia 😀 Once in a shopping centre in Malaysia, I saw a sales assistant open a big box of branded handbags marked “Sale”…and almost every woman around rushed towards him and snatched the bags away. It’s grab, grab, grab. No manners anywhere.


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