Fun but not Facts


The Great Divide

Photo Credits to: Taryn Cox The Wife

Poetry by Sueju Takeshi


12 thoughts on “Fun but not Facts

  1. Like the others have said, this is a great poem. As someone who has studied media at university, how you’ve described the media is so accurate – sensationalised news is what we see a lot of the time on TV and in the papers. You captured these sentiments very well 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mabel for your thoughts!
      It is really nice to know that someone from the media industry got to read this. I’ve been a campus journalist for years, and I see the problem stated in my poetry as a problem of most students (and youngsters). For now, sadly, there’s no cure for that.


      1. Haha, I wouldn’t say I’m from the media industry…that was in my past 🙂 I do think a lot of people don’t mind reading fictionalised news – this style of “news” is digestable. Campus journalist? That sounds interesting. I never tried my hand at that.

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      2. Yes. I had heard about rampant fictionalized news lately. Writers will be sued for doing that, right?
        It is practiced a lot in my country … the law often neglects it as long as there’s money from publishers.


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