The Miracle of a Dream


For some medical doctors, the cure to someone’s illnesses is brought about by the result of scientific endeavors, not of miracles. The fifty-three year old James Patrick, an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, spent the latter 25 years of his life in practicing his profession and had long discarded the existence of miracle, despite his patients’ strong belief in its power, while hoping not for survival, but for another chance to live.

The doctor’s pretexts were changed in that day in the year 2006, when he accidentally bumped a seemingly old beggar passing by the road. From that day on, his life was forever changed, and sooner he was introduced to non-worldly creatures which had been instrumental for healing and granting of wishes — the Milagreiro.

S.J. Takeshi © 2014

This is one of the first long-forms I have written and essentially my first novella. I lost my entire manuscript in 2011, when my laptop had forever shut down, leaving me unable to retrieve important documents including this one. I am now changing the novel’s plot, and of course, I badly need your moral support,  because without it, it seems that I really cannot finish it (I need some kind of pressure). Constructive criticisms will be gladly accepted.


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