Stranger Hoping for Library!


The fact is that I spend 50% of my school hours reading books or studying in the library. This is quite saddening, but I hope they can find a way to incorporate technology for modernization of existing libraries.

Poems and Petals

A knock at the door!
That’s quite a surprise!
Visitors are often quite few and far between!
I open the door, quite cautiously
Stranger looking for the library!

Well, that’s quite quaint I must admit!
A library was a place I often used to frequent!
From when I was eight till about eighteen!
My favourite place apart from being at home
Would be to be lost in the Library!

But times have changed and so have we!
And poor Library is being replaced so rapidly
With iPads and iPhones and iBooks and iEverything
And iDirections too in case one needs to be
In a hurry at the Library!

But I had to empathise
On the spot and with love in my heart
If Stranger needs to be in the Library
Then the chances that there would be
Some technology to help find the way

Would probably be very remote and…

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