In praise of WordPress’s like button


I have the same opinion as the author of this post. Sometimes, I wait for the “likes” than comments, especially when my post doesn’t invite any comments at all. Like what she implies, the like button of WordPress is far different from that of Facebook, because in the former we spare a little of our time to read what others have to say, i.e. their experiences.

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de... Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita del simboletto “like” di FB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note:  the following remarks are entirely my personal opinion.  I make no assumptions as to what other bloggers prefer. I’m not suggesting that anyone else needs to pay heed to my thoughts.

Whenever I have occasion to follow lots of links to blogs on other hosts, I’m reminded of how much I appreciate the WordPress like button.  I have the impression the other hosts don’t offer one as an option (based on NEVER having encountered one on another blog host).

I like it from both sides.  As a blog writer, I’m pleased by every like I see on a post.  Every one leaves me warm and smiling inside.  I love the reminder that familiar faces are reading and I love seeing a new face in the list of those who have clicked like.  And yes, I know…

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