Novel Writing: The Miracle of a Dream



Good day guys! Due to our university’s change in academic calendar, our hell weeks (or month) is shifted from September to November! That is why I cannot focus on updating my novel right now (because I have to comply with the requirements and review for the upcoming exams).

Meanwhile, I hope you all will support me as I write the whole thing … and I hope I can finish everything before the summer commences!

The following are the entries I wrote for the past few weeks:

Chapter 1: The narrator tells about his dream of becoming a writer, which came to a halt when he chose practicing medicine.
Chapter 2: The narrator describes a typical hospital setting and files his resignation due to his failure in treating a patient.
Chapter 3: The narrator meets Gaius.
Chapter 4: The narrator wakes up in a hospital room, realizing that he engaged in a fist fight.
Chapter 5: The narrator finally starts asking about the purpose of Gaius in his life.
Chapter 6: God creates the milagreiros, the miracle angels, due to his compassion to humans.
Chapter 7: The milagreiros perform miracles, and God orders Moses, the author of the Torah, to seal up anything that concerns the milagreiros.
Chapter 8: The milagreiros show their interest to King David, and blessed him.
Chapter 9: Gaius weeps over Alephus, who will be sacrificed to save Daniel.
Chapter 10: Daniel is thrown to the lion’s den, but Alephus saves him.

With love and cups of tea,
S.J. Takeshi


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