Falling Leaves

Photo from Tumblr

For a boy who lives in the tropics

Though the surrounding’s torrid

And wet oftentimes

He waits for those falling leaves

To mark his season of writing

Patiently, fervently

He watches the trees

That are opposite the window

But an autumn is so far away

Nor found in nearby states

So he keeps his wishes

Inside his heart, that someday

He could travel the planet

Or go to temperate zones

Like that of North America

And see how wonderful

As things keep dropping

One by one

But the reality is that

An autumn is so far away

He kept on reading about it

In books, in encyclopedias

And even defined it with

A handful of dictionaries

But a writer indeed knows

How to imagine scenarios

So he felt contented by waiting

For the rain to cry once again

Then he’ll see the green leaves

Dancing with the wind

Losing balance, falling

Swimming with the basin

The boy is now happy

Holding his pen up high

And begins scribbling.


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