Identity Crisis


I had been in this kind of issue before. I hope the author of this post will soon get out of this dilemma, and find his/her own identity.


I am having a lot of issues. Not serious issues but just the ones that can make you feel a little crazy.
I’m struggling between the thought of being on medication vs not. Why I have to shave? Why society thinks that being feminine means I need to spend longer getting ready and maintaining this fictional appearance. I bought an eco friendly car (so says the sticker on the back), not wearing a bra, been smoking more, not wearing makeup, and not shaving.
I am still having issues with thinking about Bella the dog dying. She’s like 8ish and eats senior food and it’s inevitable. I would like to enjoy the time she has left. Why am I so obsessed with this thought?
My clothes aren’t really fitting and shoes are stupid.
I don’t know what to do like normal. I’ve decided that a lot of the things I am…

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