Self Defense


Highly recommended post. Made me think to take Self Defense as my PE subject for next semester.


When is the right time to defend yourself? Is it when your assailant already fired at you or stabbed at you and missed? Or, is it before any injury is inflicted on your person?

This morning I had a long conversation with someone who spent twelve years in prison. He defended his father from mortal injury. Unfortunately, he killed the attacker.

In his defense, he tried to pacify the attacker who wielded a long bladed knife but to no avail. He and his father would have died that day if he did not react. Himself wounded, he was forced by circumstances to stop the attacker at all cost.

I am a simple person with simple thoughts. However, when evil confronts me in the face, my simple logic stands at the forefront: I must defend myself with whatever means possible.

Methinks, people who intentionally plan and execute misdeeds should account for…

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