Topping my New Year’s Resolution

It has already been days since we celebrated the coming of the New Year, and most people from all walks of life had started — or even published — their New Year’s Resolution. I, too, had written mine by Dec 31st, and I wouldn’t dare publish the entire thing.

Anyway, here are the things that topped my Resolution for this year, which, of course, would only be kept as promises, and might not be fulfilled:

1. I will try my best to move on from that guy. I will stop thinking anything about him and any underlying memories.

— My bestfriends have heard this sworn statement for almost a hundred times already, but as you all may know, it is really tough to move on if you truly loved someone. Right?

2. I will not anymore cut classes. I will not anymore sleep during classes.

— This is really difficult to fulfill, especially whenever I find a class too boring or whenever there is really an emergency. But if I really can do this, I will reward myself with a bar of chocolate.

3. I will start focusing on my studies.

— I always do, right? My problems are the term papers. I hate them, because I am too lazy.

9 thoughts on “Topping my New Year’s Resolution

  1. On 1 – yes to it being hard to move on. Though “this too shall pass”, and everyone has the ability to live a purposeful, fruitful life on their own. Hard as it may seem in the time being. I hope you can heal and find happiness again!
    On 2 – what a challenge not to fall asleep in class! Chocolate is a very good idea as a reward. Don’t be too hard on yourself though – I deem some classes are meant to be slept through, and as long as you can catch up and understand the material on your own, it should be ok.
    On 3 – good luck! I hope you have a very productive, learning filled year!

    Happy 2015 Takeshi 🙂

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