What Makes Us



Some of you guys might hate reading cartoon stuff being posted here in blogs. I, too, feel the same way, because naturally, such may be a part of being a grown-up.

One day, my younger brothers and sister watched a Tinkerbell movie, and we spent an hour quarreling whether we should switch channels or not. My siblings never gave in, and my parents added up to my problem by hiding the remote control. In the end, since there’s only one television in our house, I juggled myself at a corner and watched the movie with them.

In one of the scenes, which I couldn’t remember what really happened in there, I heard this quote being told by the Fairy. Perhaps, most people will just ignore it, but I guess despite the fact that we are already grown-ups, we should learn from those we usually oversee.

I found this simple quote really inspiring, and I hope that my fellow writers will be inspired too, and show their talents to the rest of the world and never mind what others have to say.


8 thoughts on “What Makes Us

  1. Hello Takeshi! Thanks for sharing this. Its inspiring. You see how a bad situation turned into a rewarding one. Had you gone to another channel maybe you would not have got a valuable lesson as this quote has taught you.A lot of times the things that appear to be going wrong end up very fine. I love the way you bring out great messages in short simple ways. Keep shining!

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