The Room

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The room deviates from the customary

For silence’s a requisite to survival

But neither of us shall deny

The consequence of a dying love


The room throws us back again

To the moment where we began our affair

Lingering, clinging to each other’s arms

Prevailing sleep for once in a while


The room’s trapped in indiscernible vacuum

Petrifying strong structures to be voided

Shattering, drowning hearts loudly heard

Playing the music of unsung hymns and melodies


The room leads to yet another room

Where two creatures fated to spend honeymoon

But such has borne great witness too

Of love’s gloomy dusk to commence soon


17 thoughts on “The Room

  1. A room is just an empty space surrounded by walls, but we give it life with our human presence. After reading I came up with the conclusion that this is a proclamation of love to our individual rooms. We act out life and think thoughts within those walls while enjoying sleep in the comfort of our beds.

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      1. I know this very very VERY overdue, but your response warrants a response of my own. Midterms are a way to remind you that if you’re not stressed, something is wrong haha. 🙂


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