Novel Writing: Dilemma Solved!


It has been so long since I lastly updated my novel, Miracle of a Dream, here in my blog because of so many pressing issues that needed the most attention. In fact, the blog per se has been hibernating for days, because the first and the second weeks of classes brought toxicity to my nerves. In the end, the hectic schedule gave me a hard time to sit in front of my computer to posts new poems, stories, and even my novel entries and to connect with my blogging friends, because whenever I arrive home from school, I could feel again the extreme fatigue that has been plaguing me since high school.

But that does not mean that I won’t anymore continue writing the novel, and more so, blogging. In fact, when I finally got my permanent class schedule for this semester, I began fixing my weekly schedule as well. The good news is that despite interruptions between time intervals, for example, when Monday 5-7:30 PM is allotted for working-out but suddenly our organization’s chairperson suddenly calls for a meeting, I still can smoothly adjust but instead I’ll just put the schedule for working-out in my leisure hours during Saturdays. It is just a matter of sacrifice, some say.

The most important issue to address is how I will spend my weekly time in writing the novel. It appears that in a week, I should spend ten hours in order to finish writing more chapters. Is that idea a smart one, or not? Please let me know.

Also, I decided to do the blogging proper during Tue 8:30-9:30PM, Wed 9:30-10:30PM & Sat 8:30-9:30PM at -5:00GMT (Eastern Standard Time).

Moreover, I edited already the first few chapters of the novel, including the prologue, so I decided to delete the entries I posted in this blog and begin to repost them again weekly.

If you could give me more tips, especially in writing, blogging and keeping up with the schedule, please feel free to drop your suggestions.


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