Love and the Universe

Love and the Universe

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Orbits decree the farthest distance

And light years dictate the lowest chance

‘Cause I am Mercury and he is Mars

Revolving around a certain sun.


The stars die as the universe expands

Uncertainties conquer the realm

With Orion losing the last arrow in his arms

And notes of requiem, catching the breath of life.


Polar ends rotate and interchange

As love cripples out in mortal vain

Drying the tears of the ailing night sky

When the new dawn wishes to arise.

My Interpretation:

I made this poem earlier during our Political Science 150 class, while I was struck with boredom. The piece tells the story of unrequited love and of moving-on, both of which I had tried to relate with the natural events in the Universe and even in our planet. Moreover, I am writing this interpretation because this is one of the skills I had learned in Speech 11, one of the General Education (GE) subjects that I have been taking for this semester.

The first stanza simply states that the author and the one he loves are different, in terms of talent, socio-economic status, likes, and the others. The third verse subliminally suggests that the author and his beloved are both biologically male, as Mercury and Mars are both Roman gods which are masculine in nature. But the fourth verse says that despite their obvious differences, they share the same goals and dreams in life, which is figuratively represented by the sun.

The second stanza is much more emotional than the previous one. The first line,the stars die as the universe expands, means that chances to go nearer to the one you really love seemed to be so distant whenever opportunities keep on knocking on your doors. This could also be interpreted as an abrupt enlargement in your beloved’s circle of friends, which could increase the probability that he may not notice you.

The first line, moreover, is also a statement of failure. Thus, in verse 2, it is normal for the author to feel the plagues of uncertainties as he has his heart broken. This emotional challenge is even more emphasized in the third line, with Orion losing the last arrow in his arms, which symbolizes despair and depression. The last line of the second stanza looks like an oxymoron, with notes of requiem symbolizing severe distress and breath of life symbolizing hope. When both of these concepts are connected with the word awaiting, the author may have wanted to say that the encouragement and help of loved ones could mend at least the worsening pain of the heart-broken individual.

The first and the second verses of the last stanza mean that whenever we repeatedly fall in and fall out of love and get hurt, we also tend to change our perspectives concerning love. Moreover,the third and the last lines of the same stanza are interpreted as the moving-on stage and the return of true happiness.

How about you? How do you interpret this short poem of mine?


2 thoughts on “Love and the Universe

  1. Interesting, both the poem and your interpretation. I took the poem to speak of the evolving process of love, in which sometimes it fades away with one connection and then comes anew with another one, sort of like the way the stars process up in the sky. Nicely done!


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