Guest Post: Top resources to Learn Chinese


My second parents happened to be Chinese, and both of them are residing in Chengdu, China currently. Two years ago, they wished for me to stay and live with them, but I cannot simply do so because I have my own family — and parents — here in my country of residence and also because of language barriers (I do not have any difficulty communicating with my second parents, but I know it will be tough for me to communicate with the community).

So right now, I am willing to study Mandarin Chinese, but I find the classes very costly. It is good to know that some apps and materials like those mentioned in this post come in handy — and never costly!

Crazy Chinese Family

Hi all, once again I have a great infographic from Learn Mandarin Now. I remember when I was asked about my top resources and I am glad my feedback was used for this work. I must also add that I am still a defender of the basic vocabulary/ character flash cards hand written (by my wife…)! But I also like to use other means to study as well in order not to get stucked with just one source.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is becoming more and more popular—and can be very rewarding. To help you along your way, we recently asked 50+ bloggers about the top resources they use to Learn Chinese, via our blog Learn Mandarin Now. Amazingly, we received so much feedback that we’ve put together a colourful Infographic of the results—and we’re happy to share this with you today.

But, firstly, thanks to Timo for his…

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