Thank you, Everyone!



I never expected that the first quarter of this year would turn out to be this good. Based on this blog’s statistics, my posts from January – April 2015 have finally reached different countries — which, of course, I found really, really amazing!

With that, I thank all my fellow bloggers and supporters for letting my posts cross your reader and timelines and for dropping comments, pieces of advice and suggestions! Without you, it will be likely that I will not be motivated to write or blog  again …

I hope you, guys, will continue in showering down the tremendous support! 🙂

Goal before 2016 ends: To have my blog posts reach the little countries in Africa. 😀

Sueju Takeshi


10 thoughts on “Thank you, Everyone!

    • Hi Carl! Thank you for commenting to this post! 🙂

      I do not also know why I have so many followers from the United States … perhaps because of the language that I use as a medium for my posts. 🙂

      I guess you have many followers from India because of a large population in that country plus the fact that they are relatively fluent in English. 🙂


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