Earlier, when I was inside the bus during my journey back home, there sat beside me a student who seemingly came fresh from a high school graduation ceremony. He wore a uniform full of signatures and notes; the school logo sealed on his pocket led to my deduction that he came from a school known for prestige and costly education.

In his hand was a handful of letters, and for instances I was glancing at him, I saw his smile — his teeth glittering in apparent joy — whenever his eyes flashes before the sentences which my vision could barely reach. But when he was about to read the ‘last letter’, his smile was quickly converted to a stream of tears. Even though I was concerned with how people around us may react and think, I never bothered him in his private life and suddenly, I stopped observing him and thought: “Soon, he will throw most of those letters away, along with the memories of the past, no matter how joyous or hurtful they may be. Inevitable realities would devour him wholly and would lead him to decisions he would later regret. He will realize that the promises of ‘not forgetting’ are empty and are never true, and that only few memories are truly worth keeping.”


5 thoughts on “Letters

  1. He may oneday throw the letters away, because they are tangible. But whatever touched him to the point, tears rolled down his cheeks; he will remember that forever. Promises are kept by those dedicated to carrying them out. As we age, we become so cynical. The truth is, you may be justifying not asking him what was wrong….

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      1. There isn’t anything wrong with that. I am just trying to express, what I got from what you wrote. I Love that you were honest and vulnerable. Those are great qualities, but I had to express that promises are only lost, when you don’t keep them. I am an optimist so I believe the best until the worse happens.

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      2. Thank you, AB, for your thoughts. I am glad that you dropped by this little post of mine.
        This is why I love sharing my experiences to the world — that people like you never hesitate to share your own take to the stories of others. 🙂

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      3. It was my pleasure. When I read something, I will comment. Whether I enjoy it or not, agree or don’t. I will try to build a bond through honesty. Most run but few stay, and we grow from it.


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