Can Motivational Quotes Motivate You?


I love posting motivational quotes, and I sometimes wonder if the quotes really motivate people. This article is a must read and is indeed informative.

Claim Your Power

I personally love reading motivational quotes and books, to me, they actually open your mind a little each time you read one. I often notice when someone is quoting negative things repeatedly, that they themselves have lost their drive and motivation. So it’s not only good to read positive words, it’s good to use them on a daily basis. If you are feeling unmotivated right now, what do you think about some of these from Claim Your Power page?

  • If you can imagine it, and it makes you feel happy and motivated, you can make it happen! Believe me, once you see even the smallest results of your effort, it will motivate you even more!
  • Running tomorrow, even if it’s slow, it’ll be worth it!
  • Another quote which promotes motivation and success – “Stop wishing, start doing.”
  • You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start…

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6 thoughts on “Can Motivational Quotes Motivate You?

  1. We live in an increasingly secularized world. Hence those quotes have two things in common. They focus on the moment at hand, and they point to the inner man as the source of power.

    I noticed that your previous post was on suicide. Here is a post by someone who struggles just to control her own attitude, and that is about the only thing most of us truly believe we can control. What the science of mental health has shown is that we can lose control over both our bodies and our minds.

    We live on a tiny planet in an infinite universe. We have very little understanding of how we came to be, why we exist, or what will happen to us. Is that frightening reality why man invented God, or does God actually exist?

    The beauty and order, the sheer majesty we find in nature speak of a Creator? Does He care about us? What we know about creation, His care for detail, how unlikely it actually is that we exist, that empty place in our hearts, the improbability of men writing the Bible…. says that He does.

    We have too little control. The Bible says we cannot save ourselves, and objective reality says the same thing. Without God, every life suffers the same sad ending. Unless we give our hearts to our Creator, accept the grace His Son offers us, and live our lives to please God — and He cares — what difference does it make whether we are motivated? What have we got to be positive about?

    What is good about writing? There is the possibility of sharing our thoughts with each other. Writing forces us to think — to have thoughts to share. What is good about writing? To have something to write about we have to find something to think about. We have to study the world about us. That includes examining our assumptions. To write well — to think well — we must study what the people who went before us thought and wrote. When you do that, don’t forget to include the Bible.


    • Thank you, Tom for sharing your thoughts, though I was a bit surprised for your long comment, haha!

      I agree in what you said in the first three paragraphs of your comment. Just like you, I believe in God, in his powers. I believe that everyone in this world has limited control over things, over circumstances. Just like you, I asked the same questions like what you said: “Does He care about us?” This question is the basis of my first spiritual novel, The Miracle of a Dream, though I have not finished writing it yet. Once I finish writing it, I hope you’ll be one of the first few people to read and criticize it.

      In terms of your take about the goodness of writing, I agree with you in terms of scrutinizing our assumptions. Moreover, spiritual beliefs are never enough; we must also be logical. 🙂


      • Thank you for your reply.

        You are correct. We must also be logical.

        Although there are some who say it is, reason is not incompatible with a belief in God. Philosophers can show it is more logical to believe in God than not. What our philosophy is unable to do is provide us an understanding of God.

        The problem with our ability to reason is that we have distinct limits. We seek to comprehend an infinite God and an infinite universe, and we cannot. Hence we must take some things on faith. Even though we have no way to prove the existence of God, we must still act on what we know to be true. That’s only logical, but doing what we know to be logical and right can be surprisingly difficult. So in humility we must nurture our faith.

        Consider the problem of Lucifer. Better than we know Him, Lucifer knows God. Yet in His pride, Lucifer insists upon being God. Logic says he cannot be God, but his pride demands that he must be God.

        Because it leads us to deny what we know to be true, even to elevate ourselves over our Creator, pride is the enemy of reason.

        May our Lord bless your writing.


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