Man in the Mirror


Wah! I am seeing myself with a thin beard and a stethoscope circling around my neck. But there are hidden thoughts of being a writer. 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

When was the last time you sat and looked at yourself in the mirror.  I have not done this in a few years.  The last time I recall staring at myself in the mirror I was not very happy nor was I pleased with the person I was at that time.  I remember looking into the eyes of that man and wondering where I had disappeared to and who was this person living in my body.

It might sound a bit dramatic, but it is very honest.  Since then I have turned my life around and have found happiness once again.  Which is nice!

image credit: 123RF image credit: 123RF

I want you to take time today to stop and look at yourself in the mirror.  Stand and stare for 60 seconds.  No words, no expressions, just stare into your own eyes.  Who do you see?  What are your thoughts?

I hope you…

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