13 things only nosey people get..


“You get a bit sad when you have to give up the front of the bus seat which faces directly on to everybody else.”
Oh my god! HAHAHAHA

A Girl In Europe

We can’t help it if other people’s lives are more interesting than our own…

1) You will purposely sit in strategic places in order to allow you maximum people watching capability…

2) Your sentences will trail off as you stare at some girls hair wondering how she braided it like that.

3) People ask you around 10 times in one conversation ‘What are you even looking at?’

4) When people do ask you that you have to spend a good few moments shaking your head and suing ‘me, nothing, why?’

5) You start a lot of sentences with ‘oh did you just see his shirt??’ Only for for your friends to have no idea who you’re talking about.

6) You’ve mastered the perfect ‘ooh I’m looking at the statue behind you, of course not at you’ look.

7) You see everybody’s embarrassing moments in the street when nobody else does…

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