Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

Good day everyone! It will take only a month or two in order for my blog to reach 500 followers. Two weeks ago, my blog, Takeshi’s Flight, celebrated its first birthday (yay!) — a moment which further questioned my capability as a blogger. For instance, compared to other new blogs, I find mine less engaging, because (1) I am sometimes simply not motivated in posting anything, and (2) seldom do I find blogs across my Wordpress reader offering prompts and blog promotions.

Then I asked myself, “What if I also start prompts in order for me to do what is being stated/instructed in my own prompt so that I could post something for a week? Or what if I use my platform so that other bloggers can check out each other’s posts and develop more connections?”

What is your opinion about this, guys? Is this a good idea?


8 thoughts on “Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

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