The New Reader and Page Views


Now I finally understand. I haven’t been blogging for a month then suddenly I got this problem.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Some of you may have noticed that the WordPress Reader has changed again. This time, it gives you fewer options to view blog posts on the actual blog. This is a problem for those who run blogs and want to keep track of view and visitor stats. I know I do.

As a default, the Reader allows people to read the full blog post in the Reader. This does not count toward the views, so you never know if someone actually read it. Also, you may notice that a lot of short posts tend to have more likes than views. Why? They just liked it through the Reader.

Well, there’s a way you can force your readers to visit the post on your blog. What you want is this:

visitYou see where that red arrow is pointing? If that appears in the Reader, that means that you cannot read the…

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4 thoughts on “The New Reader and Page Views

  1. Both a good advice and not. If you have bad connection, the blogsite will not upload or it will go very slow to reach the blog for reading the whole post. Big risk that I don’t read the whole post in those cases. The reader is faster than browser in bad connection cases.


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