Credits to Awakening Times

everybody is a keeper
of souls whose very existence
begets memories of party delight,
of unexpected sunshine,
of cold drizzles during the summertime.

everybody loves to play
these peoples’ perilous games
and so they ignited flames
across the hills —
that never sinned
against any of them.

everybody lives in their desire
to trail tracks together
and to imagine
their minutes of hilarity,
and of unstoppable flow
of every beguiling word.

but nobody wants to keep
damaged people —
who confided with them
their hideous bruises,
their silent screams,
their empty caskets,
their dying hopes.

nobody wants to be a star
that will look upon the hills
these people destroyed.

nobody wants to be a soul
that will guide the ones who are lost
in the midst of the sea of isolation
that rests among words of affirmation.

everybody wants a nobody
to show his scars,
to hear his sorrows —
all of which he will later on
regret to show.

and yet, when a nobody
bares his soul
before the eyes of another
and when the response
is just a nod or no,
a body lays dead.

in every no, a soul becomes barren.
in every no, a root seeps in hate.
in every no, a body enters the void.
in every no, a body becomes a nobody.

and when every body becomes a nobody —
memories of lightheartedness
will drown into the abyss of all deceit,
into the darkness.
everybody will become a shadow
that will disappear after each sunset.

everybody will be cold drops of rain
one would never wish to fall
because their presence hurts
— a sign of onslaught
no one will ever dare to confront.



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