Sueju Takeshi

Josue Mapagdalita (pen name: Sueju Takeshi) is a young Filipino poet, essayist, maths & physics enthusiast, & personal blogger. He won the 37th Search for the Ten Outstanding Students of Makati, Philippines (2013) and the 1st Search for CBI Outstanding Students of the South (2012), both for his interests in higher mathematics, prose literature, & photojournalism.

He currently serves as the Internals Vice Chairperson of KATRIBU UP Manila, a university-wide organisation that actively advocates for the collective rights of the indigenous peoples (IPs) in the Philippines. He is also known as a health activist, primarily concerned about the social determinants of health.

While taking Political Science as his undergraduate degree in the University of the Philippines (UP), he finds time in teaching maths to students for free. He wishes to be a published novelist someday and plans to enter medical school upon graduation. He lives in Makati City, Philippines.

You may download his resume here.


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