Bidding Farewell to our Wonder Dog

It has already been a week ever since the angels of dog heaven took her away from us. For these past few days I have been trying to hide and (sometimes) deny this grief that inevitably crossed the corners and walls of my heart, because I needed to focus on work and other matters relevant … Continue reading Bidding Farewell to our Wonder Dog


A Holiday for Healing

"Every time I try to love, reality further drowns me," I answered as I sat. "It's like an ocean that has its own hands to pull me underneath until I can no more breathe. But by the next day, I'll find myself on the shore, still breathing, having realised that the scars I had have renewed to become wounds—some of which are much deeper or more serious than their precursors."

To My Best Pal, Who Had Set Her Soul for a Short Departure

"But before I finally say my farewell to you, there is this memory that I am sure I would never forget: the very first time you set your feet on the soil and ran around the whole garden by the countryside, as if you were enjoying the first breath of freedom after my father lifted you out from your little, beautiful cage. In that particular moment, I felt so proud when I saw you running as fast as you could and stashing yourself between the rich foliage, as if you want us to play hide-and-seek with you. And as I think of it, relief comes back into my senses, because finally, you experienced the life outside the comfort of four corners during your last days."

Speech 11, fun, and underlying lessons

Before I lined up and enrolled for my fourth semester of stay in the University, I already predicted that the next five months would be academically toxic and crucial. Furthermore, finding a course that will serve as the best avenue to release this debilitating mixture of feelings induced by repetitious moments of failures — or … Continue reading Speech 11, fun, and underlying lessons


Earlier, when I was inside the bus during my journey back home, there sat beside me a student who seemingly came fresh from a high school graduation ceremony. He wore a uniform full of signatures and notes; the school logo sealed on his pocket led to my deduction that he came from a school known … Continue reading Letters

Basic Masses Integration & Medical Mission in an Aeta Community

I remember these children of sandy environment of Mabalacat, Pampanga and their facial beams whenever they sing Yeng Constantino's "Ikaw" and their idol Lyca Gaironod's own rendition of songs. I remember their loud laughter whenever we commit errors in pronouncing the words inherent to their dialect and whenever I give explanations for asking me why … Continue reading Basic Masses Integration & Medical Mission in an Aeta Community

The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

Once, there was a teenager who wished to escape puberty by the time the first twin pimples popped out near his nostrils, and he hated the fact that the silly idea of removing them with the sharp ends of the nail cutter was something he could not accomplish, because, local aged men told him that … Continue reading The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

Someone Who Understands the Most

As I am typing this, I knew by heart that my mind earlier had been surged with the thoughts of flooding requirements, of prospects of failing, and of anxiety over uncertainties. My friends and colleagues, and even my previous teachers beforehand knew that I can prevail over academic stress, but sometimes, I blame myself for … Continue reading Someone Who Understands the Most

Will I ever be?

Sometimes I ask myself, "Will I ever run as fast as my childhood friends had commented on my superb skill before?" or "Will I ever be able to capture photographs again?" Yesterday, our professor in Humanities II (Art, Man, and Society) asked us to show an example of what bad art is according to our … Continue reading Will I ever be?

A Lecturer’s Joy

This week, I've conducted my review lecture series for college admission exams despite the exhaustion that the enrollment in UP has given me and the fact that it requires staying late at night for reviewing. I went from one institution to another, which includes my high school alma mater. From the very beginning, I had … Continue reading A Lecturer’s Joy

Remembering You

I remember you. I remember every time you put your feet on the wheels of your bicycle while I was at your back, scared that I might fall and meet an accident down the road. I remember the popular songs we sing together, how you tried to teach me to dance along with the tune. … Continue reading Remembering You