Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War

Approximately two decades ago, the tale of Naruto Uzumaki was born and became an actualization of Masashi Kishimoto’s wild imagination. The series — both in manga and anime — have irrefutably set a standard for the production of shōnen masterpieces not only because of its near-perfect action scenes, but also because of its well-thought character … Continue reading Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War


Politicising Marlou Arizala’s Transformation: Beauty and Acceptance in the Philippine Society

"Xander’s act of transformation, therefore, exposes larger problems — that our standards of beauty are becoming a requisite for others to obtain our respect and acceptance and that one needs to appear handsome or beautiful in order to rightfully demand social attention. Moreover, in a relatively conservative country like the Philippines — in which many people would tell you to accept and preserve whatever face or body that God has given you — those we consider as “ugly people” are further forced to face a moral dilemma on top of their physical struggles, thus, inevitably trapping them in a process of a never-ending search for social acceptance." My first blog post after a decade, huhu,

On Fantines, railroads, and perished dreams

"Perhaps, people around me may never be proud or contented for my choices that are divergent from theirs, but I hope that in the near or far future, all of our hearts will soon converge, like the railroads of a train terminal, in pursuit of a common, beneficial goal. I hope that someday, Fantines can no longer be found on the streets and begging for alms and sympathy of the passers-by. I envision a world that is unified in curing the diseases of our society, in raising the discourse, and in building better relationships for all people, regardless of our countless differences." This essay was published as the runner up of the recently concluded online essay writing contest, Imagining My Future, hosted by Kendii, in partnership with The Immigrant Entrepreneur. If you wish, you may check my essay at Kendii's site, through this link:

Basic Masses Integration & Medical Mission in an Aeta Community

I remember these children of sandy environment of Mabalacat, Pampanga and their facial beams whenever they sing Yeng Constantino's "Ikaw" and their idol Lyca Gaironod's own rendition of songs. I remember their loud laughter whenever we commit errors in pronouncing the words inherent to their dialect and whenever I give explanations for asking me why … Continue reading Basic Masses Integration & Medical Mission in an Aeta Community

77 seconds remaining

This article was published three years ago under the features page of our high school campus publication, News Gear, where I served as a sports editor and photojournalist.     77 seconds Tick tock tick 77 seconds And my heart beats again ...   "Fly." she said. I did not understand. And then she repeated, "Fly." It was … Continue reading 77 seconds remaining

Kabataang Makabayan, Paglingkuran ang Sambayanan: A Theatrical Production Review

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM), being the "national seeding machine for the Philippine revolution" (Reyes, 2014) and one of the "critical forces of the Philippine revolution" (Communist Party of the Philippines, 2014), serves as the crucial opponent of the "semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions" (Sison, 2013) prevalent in the country. And as a part of the organization’s … Continue reading Kabataang Makabayan, Paglingkuran ang Sambayanan: A Theatrical Production Review

The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day Two

The fact that I would be away again from my family bolted into my head the moment I woke up. I wondered if there was a littlest reason for me to leave, but then I threw all the remaining pretexts I had towards the trash bin. My first morning in Morong, Rizal was surprisingly chilly, … Continue reading The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day Two

The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day One

Last January 5-11, 2015, I attended the 13th University of the Philippines Global Health Course at Bahay Silungan, Morong, Rizal, Philippines. It was sponsored by the University of the Philippines College of Medicine’s (UPCM) Community-Oriented Medical Education (COME) Unit and Social Medicine Unit (SMU) and by the Peoples’ Health Movement - Philippines and was also … Continue reading The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day One

My Fair Lady: A Movie Review

My Fair Lady (1964) Cast: Audrey Hepburn; Rex Harrison; Stanley Holloway; Wilfrid Hyde-White; Gladys Cooper; Jeremy Brett Director: George Cukor Synopsis: Rex Harrison, while playing the same character in this film's Broadway counterpart, is introduced as an arrogant professor in phonetics, Henry Higgins, to Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower seller, who is being played by … Continue reading My Fair Lady: A Movie Review

Masked in Hell

Visit our country. Open your hotel room's television to check out for the latest local news. And when you finally have done it, do not anymore be surprised with what you might see. The Philippines, while being described figuratively as the Pearl in Orient Seas, prides itself for its long tradition of corruption. And as … Continue reading Masked in Hell


I have not heard of anything about my Master for weeks now, and this is mainly because I am too busy burning drops of midnight oil since I have entered college, and only through Facebook we both can possibly communicate; but I only use the said social networking site for obtaining announcements and handouts that … Continue reading Metamorphosis


We sharpshoot and zoom. We capture light through either the standard or the long lens and process it to be a beautiful, visually appealing creation. We urge danger to chase us as we proudly wear a weapon of great value anywhere or around the campus, facing trails, looking for adventures.Honey May is one of my … Continue reading Comrade

The French Revolution and its impacts in the modern Philippine society

The French Revolution of 1789 is a period of socio-political upheavals in France and this is when the ideas of philosophers like those of Edmund Burke, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau contributed to the mainstream exchange of political ideas that mattered even to the poorest French men. The Revolution officially began in 1789; and … Continue reading The French Revolution and its impacts in the modern Philippine society

At a snail’s pace

This youngblood article of mine was published in the opinion page of the May 27, 2014 issue of the broadsheet, Philippine Daily Inquirer . Almost a decade ago, during my grade school years, a typical summer day with my companions meant gathering together and roaming around Fort Bonifacio (now called Bonifacio Global City, but we … Continue reading At a snail’s pace

Luisita’s motherhood

Luisita is a rich mother. She is a woman bestowed by Nature a power, a power to nurture tiny seeds until they all grow roots to courageously stand up, taking pride of their fresh, green leaves against the sun of Central Luzon. She provides her children an advantage to harvest tons of sugar canes, rice, … Continue reading Luisita’s motherhood