On Fantines, railroads, and perished dreams

"Perhaps, people around me may never be proud or contented for my choices that are divergent from theirs, but I hope that in the near or far future, all of our hearts will soon converge, like the railroads of a train terminal, in pursuit of a common, beneficial goal. I hope that someday, Fantines can no longer be found on the streets and begging for alms and sympathy of the passers-by. I envision a world that is unified in curing the diseases of our society, in raising the discourse, and in building better relationships for all people, regardless of our countless differences." This essay was published as the runner up of the recently concluded online essay writing contest, Imagining My Future, hosted by Kendii, in partnership with The Immigrant Entrepreneur. If you wish, you may check my essay at Kendii's site, through this link: http://www.kendii.com/2015/06/04/imagining-my-future-josue-mapagdalita.html



I have not heard of anything about my Master for weeks now, and this is mainly because I am too busy burning drops of midnight oil since I have entered college, and only through Facebook we both can possibly communicate; but I only use the said social networking site for obtaining announcements and handouts that … Continue reading Metamorphosis

At a snail’s pace

This youngblood article of mine was published in the opinion page of the May 27, 2014 issue of the broadsheet, Philippine Daily Inquirer . Almost a decade ago, during my grade school years, a typical summer day with my companions meant gathering together and roaming around Fort Bonifacio (now called Bonifacio Global City, but we … Continue reading At a snail’s pace