Be a Storm

Aspire to be a storm. Not one that brings sorrows, but one that sweeps them all away. Be a storm that everyone expects to return whenever they hear the skies roar. Be a storm whose rain comforts those who are haunted and troubled. Most importantly, remember this: flooding others with happiness is never necessary; instead … Continue reading Be a Storm


Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

I Know, I Believe, I Can!

I once believed that those people, who are mathematically-inclined, generally have a hard time in learning the languages and the literature, as experts mostly say. But ironically, I simultaneously discovered creative writing and mathematics as my deep-rooted passions, and I feel that I cannot live if one overrides the other. Therefore, as much as possible, … Continue reading I Know, I Believe, I Can!

The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

Once, there was a teenager who wished to escape puberty by the time the first twin pimples popped out near his nostrils, and he hated the fact that the silly idea of removing them with the sharp ends of the nail cutter was something he could not accomplish, because, local aged men told him that … Continue reading The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

No More to Lower Audience Visits

For two months, my WordPress blog was kept inactive, mainly because of the following reasons: 1. My computer's system was completely destroyed, primarily due to the viruses that invaded the system. Since I had no choice but to reformat the whole thing, I tried my best to fix it, but I faced another problem: saving … Continue reading No More to Lower Audience Visits

Another Sweet Day

Your smiles's enticing, Invites me to spend One more sweet day. And fortnights pass Kissing on thorned bushes. Life's filled with no regrets Rolling ourselves on the bed Shared each other's glances. Entering the coffee shop Staring at you as you order; Sipping the same drink together While I'm wiping your lips. Your smiles's enticing … Continue reading Another Sweet Day

To Humans

"If you love someone, tell him your true feelings. To your beloved, let them know that you love them and that they are your loved ones. If a friend rings your house's doorbell and asks for your help or advice, open your house for him even though you have tons of things to do on that night." "But if one day he knocks to my door and lends me his hand, let me leave. I don't want to keep my friend waiting."

First heartbreak and lessons

My answer here sums all the lessons I had learned after such heartbreak. This question was answered with seriousness and honesty. Q: What are your realizations after your first heartbreak? How did these realizations make you a better individual? A: Wow, this question is a difficult one. The first thing I had come to realize was … Continue reading First heartbreak and lessons