Fast Facts about Me

10922501_887064337980511_5756042024058260094_nThis page consists of all the fast facts concerning myself and my existence in the blogging world. I created this page in order for me to open up more to my followers and to my other avid non-Wordpress readers. If you want to know more about me, feel free to drop your question below and I will kindly answer it right away. I will add your question(s) and my response(s) as one of the Fast Facts about Me.

Where in the world did you get your pen name, Sueju Takeshi?

Actually, my bandmates/bestfriends gave Sueju Takeshi as my pen name. Takeshi is the Japanese for warrior (n) or fierce, courageous (adj), which both of course, reflect my personality. I do not give up quite easily. Sueju is merely a random play of my real first name, Josue, and of the most famous Korean liquor, soju.  When Sueju (or soju, for this matter) is combined with Takeshi, this would further create, in my non-worldly interpretation, Sueju Takeshi which means drunken warrior.  The ‘drunken warrior’ reflects what kind of writer I am — I write the best and bravest articles and stories whenever I feel sleepy or drunk.

What do you think is your writing quality that is somehow different from other writers?

I never liked using difficult words. Some other writers commented that I am a ‘extremely talented word weaver,’ because I use even the simplest word choices in order to convey a certain meaningful story. But sometimes, I am not productive when I am not sleepy or drunk, so …

What is the part of your body that you are really proud of?

My teeth, even though they are all yellowish and crooked!

What is your favorite color, and why so?

Red! I believe in revolution. And I am always red-tagged. Haha!

Why did you choose to be a political science major?

I never chose to be one. But I am slowly appreciating my degree now.

If you are not political science major & if you followed your heart at the very beginning, what do you think will be your course?

Mathematics, because I once loved calculus and  elementary analysis. But I forgot  the slightest detail about those already, since I’m focusing on my writing and on my current degree (and I easily forget things I once had learned if not repetitively applied). Or perhaps, biological sciences, because I plan to enter medical school upon graduation. Or, comparative literature/creative writing, to further enhance my writing skills.

manWhat is your ultimate dream?

To help this man return back to life. I mean, no. My ultimate dream is to be either a medical doctor or a published novelist.

If you will be a doctor, what will be your medical specialty?

I am choosing among ophthalmology, oncology, and neurology. But I wish to practice community medicine in underserved and marginalized areas in the country.

Do you cook food?

I love cooking. I inherited my mother’s genes in terms of sharp taste buds. My specialty is cooking soups. But I hate baking!

So, what’s your favorite food then?

Bacon. Who the hell would not love bacons? And chocolates! I fucking love chocolates!

If you will be an anime character, who would you be?

Naruto Uzumaki. In terms of personality, we are, in many ways, similar. Both of us experienced being treated like a burden or curse by people around us, and both of us had made people acknowledge us. For instance, he was considered as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf when he stopped the Six Paths of Pain and defeated the jutsu user, Nagato; and he took the lead during the Fourth Shinobi World War. In my case, I began to receive acknowledgements due to my success as a student and as a novice writer. Naruto and I are also similar, because both of us fulfill our promises to other people, no matter what happens. We also follow the words of our respective teachers.

What is your favorite animal?

My pet guinea pigs! They are irreplaceable! I am going to die too if they die …

Do you go to parties?

Seldom. I do not attend without any invitations, and I have to make sure that the party is conducted by a really, really close friend.

Are you a homo?

Ha! I’m always proud to be gay!

What is your biggest achievement?

Putting up this blog and maintaining this for around a year already!

What is the best short story have you read so far?

Stuck between Leo Tolstoy’s “What Men Live By” and Anton Chekhov’s “The Lottery Ticket”.

How about the best book(s) for you?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” and Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl.”

I repeat: just drop your question below as a comment and I will surely respond and put it as one of the fast facts about me. Have a great day!




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