"Self-loathing, like guilt and regret, deserves to be suppressed or sealed away," he said. "Why?" "In order for it to stop incapacitating us. In order for us to stay sane." Words by Josue Mapagdalita Painting by Winston Chmielinski (via Pinterest)  



“Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan. Wala sa likod, wala sa harap. Pagkabilang kong tatlo, nakatago na kayo. “Isa. “Dalawa …” Mailap ang umaga sa paggising sa akin. Lumipad ang mga ibon na para bang may nais silang iwasang masamang panahon. Mabilis ang pag-ihip ng hangin; halos tumiklop at bumaluktot ang bintana naming yari sa plywood. Delikado … Continue reading Taguan


everybody is a keeper of souls whose very existence begets memories of party delight, of unexpected sunshine, of cold drizzles during the summertime. everybody loves to play these peoples' perilous games and so they ignited flames across the hills — that never sinned against any of them. everybody lives in their desire to trail tracks … Continue reading Nobody

Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War

Approximately two decades ago, the tale of Naruto Uzumaki was born and became an actualization of Masashi Kishimoto’s wild imagination. The series — both in manga and anime — have irrefutably set a standard for the production of shōnen masterpieces not only because of its near-perfect action scenes, but also because of its well-thought character … Continue reading Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War

Bidding Farewell to our Wonder Dog

It has already been a week ever since the angels of dog heaven took her away from us. For these past few days I have been trying to hide and (sometimes) deny this grief that inevitably crossed the corners and walls of my heart, because I needed to focus on work and other matters relevant … Continue reading Bidding Farewell to our Wonder Dog

Be a Storm

Aspire to be a storm. Not one that brings sorrows, but one that sweeps them all away. Be a storm that everyone expects to return whenever they hear the skies roar. Be a storm whose rain comforts those who are haunted and troubled. Most importantly, remember this: flooding others with happiness is never necessary; instead … Continue reading Be a Storm

Falling Leaves

For a boy who lives in the tropics Though the surrounding's torrid And wet oftentimes He waits for those falling leaves To mark his season of writing Patiently, fervently He watches the trees That are opposite the window But an autumn is so far away Nor found in nearby states So he keeps his wishes … Continue reading Falling Leaves