"Self-loathing, like guilt and regret, deserves to be suppressed or sealed away," he said. "Why?" "In order for it to stop incapacitating us. In order for us to stay sane." Words by Josue Mapagdalita Painting by Winston Chmielinski (via Pinterest)  



everybody is a keeper of souls whose very existence begets memories of party delight, of unexpected sunshine, of cold drizzles during the summertime. everybody loves to play these peoples' perilous games and so they ignited flames across the hills — that never sinned against any of them. everybody lives in their desire to trail tracks … Continue reading Nobody

Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War

Approximately two decades ago, the tale of Naruto Uzumaki was born and became an actualization of Masashi Kishimoto’s wild imagination. The series — both in manga and anime — have irrefutably set a standard for the production of shōnen masterpieces not only because of its near-perfect action scenes, but also because of its well-thought character … Continue reading Beyond Jutsu: Naruto and the Politics of War

Be a Storm

Aspire to be a storm. Not one that brings sorrows, but one that sweeps them all away. Be a storm that everyone expects to return whenever they hear the skies roar. Be a storm whose rain comforts those who are haunted and troubled. Most importantly, remember this: flooding others with happiness is never necessary; instead … Continue reading Be a Storm

To My Best Pal, Who Had Set Her Soul for a Short Departure

"But before I finally say my farewell to you, there is this memory that I am sure I would never forget: the very first time you set your feet on the soil and ran around the whole garden by the countryside, as if you were enjoying the first breath of freedom after my father lifted you out from your little, beautiful cage. In that particular moment, I felt so proud when I saw you running as fast as you could and stashing yourself between the rich foliage, as if you want us to play hide-and-seek with you. And as I think of it, relief comes back into my senses, because finally, you experienced the life outside the comfort of four corners during your last days."

Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

Starting Prompts & Blog Promotions

Grades: Only Numbers

Hounded by numbers Cared for grades than the lessons Dispersed knowledge gained


Loss of hidden pride Inspires the damsel to shine Flips hair, loves again Inspired by RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge. Photo from Domestic Church.

Speech 11, fun, and underlying lessons

Before I lined up and enrolled for my fourth semester of stay in the University, I already predicted that the next five months would be academically toxic and crucial. Furthermore, finding a course that will serve as the best avenue to release this debilitating mixture of feelings induced by repetitious moments of failures — or … Continue reading Speech 11, fun, and underlying lessons

Refreshed Wounds

Gazing at night skies Thinking of old memories Wounds turn fresh again Photo credits to Wikipedia. A response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge.


Earlier, when I was inside the bus during my journey back home, there sat beside me a student who seemingly came fresh from a high school graduation ceremony. He wore a uniform full of signatures and notes; the school logo sealed on his pocket led to my deduction that he came from a school known … Continue reading Letters

Forget Me

Love and Last

My love ends neglect Until my lungs exhausts, dries Hope shall ever last A response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge: 'Love and Last'

Your Face


Be pleased with thy jeans. Don't threaten tattered wallets. Choose needs over wants.

Starry Night; Warm Sunshine

If  you are looking for great adventures, Search beyond the boundaries and the comforts of the city Carry within you the struggles of the marginalized and the poor And in a united goal , watch with them a lengthy starry night.   I knew you had to always look through the window Because the chills … Continue reading Starry Night; Warm Sunshine

Beacon and Field

Sharp beacon of light Fielding great moments through clouds Battling against height A response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Photo credits to

I Know, I Believe, I Can!

I once believed that those people, who are mathematically-inclined, generally have a hard time in learning the languages and the literature, as experts mostly say. But ironically, I simultaneously discovered creative writing and mathematics as my deep-rooted passions, and I feel that I cannot live if one overrides the other. Therefore, as much as possible, … Continue reading I Know, I Believe, I Can!

Beast & Day

The Scriptures foretell: When the judgment day comes near The lamb slays the beast. A response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. Photo credits to 

The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

Once, there was a teenager who wished to escape puberty by the time the first twin pimples popped out near his nostrils, and he hated the fact that the silly idea of removing them with the sharp ends of the nail cutter was something he could not accomplish, because, local aged men told him that … Continue reading The Writer and The Physicist: The Meaning of Courage

Kabataang Makabayan, Paglingkuran ang Sambayanan: A Theatrical Production Review

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM), being the "national seeding machine for the Philippine revolution" (Reyes, 2014) and one of the "critical forces of the Philippine revolution" (Communist Party of the Philippines, 2014), serves as the crucial opponent of the "semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions" (Sison, 2013) prevalent in the country. And as a part of the organization’s … Continue reading Kabataang Makabayan, Paglingkuran ang Sambayanan: A Theatrical Production Review

Love and the Universe

I made this poem earlier during our Political Science 150 class, while I was struck with boredom. The piece tells the story of unrequited love and of moving-on, both of which I had tried to relate with the natural events in the Universe and even in our planet.


Background photo from

The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day Two

The fact that I would be away again from my family bolted into my head the moment I woke up. I wondered if there was a littlest reason for me to leave, but then I threw all the remaining pretexts I had towards the trash bin. My first morning in Morong, Rizal was surprisingly chilly, … Continue reading The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day Two

The Room

The room deviates from the customary For silence's a requisite to survival But neither of us shall deny The consequence of a dying love   The room throws us back again To the moment where we began our affair Lingering, clinging to each other's arms Prevailing sleep for once in a while   The room's … Continue reading The Room

The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day One

Last January 5-11, 2015, I attended the 13th University of the Philippines Global Health Course at Bahay Silungan, Morong, Rizal, Philippines. It was sponsored by the University of the Philippines College of Medicine’s (UPCM) Community-Oriented Medical Education (COME) Unit and Social Medicine Unit (SMU) and by the Peoples’ Health Movement - Philippines and was also … Continue reading The 13th UP – Finnish Global Health Course: Day One


In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Image Search." Yuletide's over Longing for your arrival Waiting for a chance. But no departures Shall shatter our love.

No More to Lower Audience Visits

For two months, my WordPress blog was kept inactive, mainly because of the following reasons: 1. My computer's system was completely destroyed, primarily due to the viruses that invaded the system. Since I had no choice but to reformat the whole thing, I tried my best to fix it, but I faced another problem: saving … Continue reading No More to Lower Audience Visits

Someone Who Understands the Most

As I am typing this, I knew by heart that my mind earlier had been surged with the thoughts of flooding requirements, of prospects of failing, and of anxiety over uncertainties. My friends and colleagues, and even my previous teachers beforehand knew that I can prevail over academic stress, but sometimes, I blame myself for … Continue reading Someone Who Understands the Most

Falling Leaves

For a boy who lives in the tropics Though the surrounding's torrid And wet oftentimes He waits for those falling leaves To mark his season of writing Patiently, fervently He watches the trees That are opposite the window But an autumn is so far away Nor found in nearby states So he keeps his wishes … Continue reading Falling Leaves

End Station

This isn't a Harry Potter story Or of some lovers sharing glory I opened my phone, utters some voice You said, where are you now? But the calling time’s maximized, So I clicked the red button. The train driver had notified: Taft Avenue, this is the end station. I looked outside, sunset starts And the clouds on … Continue reading End Station

Remembering You

I remember you. I remember every time you put your feet on the wheels of your bicycle while I was at your back, scared that I might fall and meet an accident down the road. I remember the popular songs we sing together, how you tried to teach me to dance along with the tune. … Continue reading Remembering You

Deception (The Eighth Sin)

Daily Prompt: Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?     Deception (The Eighth Sin): A Haiku A man seeds deceit Grows as he is not to … Continue reading Deception (The Eighth Sin)