"Self-loathing, like guilt and regret, deserves to be suppressed or sealed away," he said. "Why?" "In order for it to stop incapacitating us. In order for us to stay sane." Words by Josue Mapagdalita Painting by Winston Chmielinski (via Pinterest)  



everybody is a keeper of souls whose very existence begets memories of party delight, of unexpected sunshine, of cold drizzles during the summertime. everybody loves to play these peoples' perilous games and so they ignited flames across the hills — that never sinned against any of them. everybody lives in their desire to trail tracks … Continue reading Nobody

Be a Storm

Aspire to be a storm. Not one that brings sorrows, but one that sweeps them all away. Be a storm that everyone expects to return whenever they hear the skies roar. Be a storm whose rain comforts those who are haunted and troubled. Most importantly, remember this: flooding others with happiness is never necessary; instead … Continue reading Be a Storm

A Holiday for Healing

"Every time I try to love, reality further drowns me," I answered as I sat. "It's like an ocean that has its own hands to pull me underneath until I can no more breathe. But by the next day, I'll find myself on the shore, still breathing, having realised that the scars I had have renewed to become wounds—some of which are much deeper or more serious than their precursors."

To My Best Pal, Who Had Set Her Soul for a Short Departure

"But before I finally say my farewell to you, there is this memory that I am sure I would never forget: the very first time you set your feet on the soil and ran around the whole garden by the countryside, as if you were enjoying the first breath of freedom after my father lifted you out from your little, beautiful cage. In that particular moment, I felt so proud when I saw you running as fast as you could and stashing yourself between the rich foliage, as if you want us to play hide-and-seek with you. And as I think of it, relief comes back into my senses, because finally, you experienced the life outside the comfort of four corners during your last days."

Release Me

Credits to for the original photo! Poetry by S.J. Takeshi


A response to Daily Prompt's Sweeping Motions

Shine & Potential

To Humans

"If you love someone, tell him your true feelings. To your beloved, let them know that you love them and that they are your loved ones. If a friend rings your house's doorbell and asks for your help or advice, open your house for him even though you have tons of things to do on that night." "But if one day he knocks to my door and lends me his hand, let me leave. I don't want to keep my friend waiting."

Will I ever be?

Sometimes I ask myself, "Will I ever run as fast as my childhood friends had commented on my superb skill before?" or "Will I ever be able to capture photographs again?" Yesterday, our professor in Humanities II (Art, Man, and Society) asked us to show an example of what bad art is according to our … Continue reading Will I ever be?