Takeshi’s Flight

I got several feedbacks from some of my WordPress friends concerning what this blog will most likely contain, or should I say trying to achieve. Thoughts of answering such query came running through the bumps of my head, and this page will try to answer those questions one by one.

The background. Essentially speaking, this blog was first created to the idea that this would be a dedication to my bestfriend who died due to brain cancer. Because of his untimely death, I fell into severe depression (which apparently no one knew about except for my high school maths teacher) and everything in my life starts to ruin, but in such challenge I learned that although people around me says that I excel in calculations, I could also express myself and release my stress through fictional and non-fictional writing. And for such self-discovery, some of my friends recommended me to establish my own personal blog, thus making Takeshi’s Flight.


The blog per se. The title, Takeshi’s Flight is not just a product of my inquisitive mind. It is but a representation of my own dream as a writer. Such notion was derived from my overnight conversations with my late bestfriend about his dream — being a commercial airplane pilot and commanding his first flight. Of course, his death altered the fulfillment of his dream, and no one, even me, could obviously continue such dream because I, too, never imagined myself to being a pilot.

But I remembered what he said before we parted ways: “We all have different paths to follow.”

Probably, he was right. Not everyone wants to be a pilot, but everyone, in his or her own perspective, can fly. We fly using different mediums — through reading, writing, capturing photos and others. Therefore, the concept of the word flight concretes my dream of becoming a published novelist. Like what I said earlier, I went through depression, but this blog conveys how changed I am right now — from a suicidal to courageous individual (Takeshi is a Japanese name associated with courage). Takeshi and Flight then, when combined would create, Takeshi’s Flight, meaning a journey with outmost courage in fulfilling one’s dream …


The goal. I would like to express myself in a community where the surge of my emotions can flow without interruptions. That is why I was not able to express myself that much in print (in campus newspaper) since the space there is too limited. I wish also to expand my community of readers, so that someone out there could easily drop their views towards my craft.


The flight. I will be my the chief pilot of this blog. You, my dear readers, will be my passengers for a while.
This blog is not just a dedication. It is also a fulfillment of a dream, a simple dream of sharing to the world my experiences and feelings. Trust me, stopping by here will be worth your time and, I hope that one day all of us would strive on flying higher, but with humility.


Come, fly with me!

S.J. Takeshi

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